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Radiology & Ultrasonography

Radiology and Ultrasonography for Glen Allen, VA Pets

No matter how well you know your pet and how healthy he seems at a glance, there are many conditions and disorders that you simply can't see without the aid specialized diagnostic techniques. Modern imaging technologies give us the ability to see inside your pet's body efficiently, painlessly, and non-invasively, allowing us to see a wide range of issues that might require treatment. Here at Short Pump Animal Hospital, we provide digital radiology (x-rays) and ultrasonography (ultrasound) for Glen Allen, VA pets.

Dog's Radiology and Ultrasonography result.

Benefits of Digital Radiology

X-rays have been helping medical practitioners see inside human and animal bodies ever since this imaging technology was first pioneered in the 19th Century. The technique involves placing the subject on or in front of a photographic plate. X-ray energy is aimed at the subject. Since X-rays bounce off harder substances and penetrate softer ones, images of various tissues appear darker or lighter on the photographic plate once it is developed. Radiology is traditionally used to examine still images of bones, internal stones, foreign objects, and relatively dense tissue masses such as tumors.

Our digital radiology at Short Pump Animal Hospital represents the state of the art in veterinary digital imaging. Digital images use much less radiation than traditional x-rays, making them a safer prospect for pets. They also yield instant results in stunning detail, with no waiting time for the film to develop, and we can share the images with owners and other specialists with tremendous ease.

Understanding Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging uses sound instead of radiation to make its pictures. When ultrasound waves are aimed at the part of the body, they penetrate various densities of tissue to various depths before bouncing back as "echoes." This data appears as a real-time moving image on a monitor, allowing us to see the heart pumping and other actions -- even the motion of fetuses in a mother's womb. We will shave the area to be examined and apply a special gel before administering the ultrasound.

Which imaging technique your pet requires depends on what we're trying to evaluate. If we need to see objects in motion, ultrasound is an excellent choice. But ultrasound is less effective than radiology at displaying very hard structures or air-filled areas; therefore, if we need to see through the skull to view the brain, or evaluate the lungs, we will use radiology instead.

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When your pet needs to be examined inside and out, Short Pump Animal Hospital is the place to be. Call our Glen Allen clinic at (804) 360-0100 to schedule any diagnostic procedures your pet may require!

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