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How Do You Know if Your Dog is Sick?

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Posted on 04-06-2018

How Do You Know if Your Dog is Sick? Answers From Your Glen Allen, VA Veterinarian

When our animal friends are ill, it can be hard to guess what it is wrong. If only they could talk! To help you know if your dog is sick, your Glen Allen, VA Veterinarian, Short Pump Animal Hospital, recommends watching for changes in your dog – from snout to tail.

Dog peering out a window waiting for his owners.

Symptoms of Illness in Dogs: When to see your Glen Allen, VA Vet

Recognizing the symptoms of illness in dogs helps you know when to see your Glen Allen, VA Vet.

  • Persistent vomiting or diarrhea can signal problems including ulcers and a swallowed foreign object, which requires immediate vet care.
  • Excessive drinking and urination can be symptoms of diabetes, kidney disease, and adrenal gland disease.
  • Problems urinating is often urinary infection or bladder stones.
  • Coughing can indicate a kennel cough, lung disease, heart disease and heartworms.
  • Excessive sneezing, panting or swollen face can indicate a serious allergic reaction requiring emergency care.
  • Stiffness, lameness or trouble rising or jumping, common in older dogs, may indicate arthritis, disc disease or hip dysplasia.
  • Changes in appetite, weight, activity level or behavior are symptoms that often require diagnostics, including blood work and imaging.
  • Drooling or changes in your dog's breath could indicate a serious dental problem.
  • Dry skin, itchy skin, and dry eyes, or eyes that are red or cloudy could signal something as mild as a new allergy that can be treated with environmental changes, or it could be as serious as cataracts, which robs vision.

Prevention and Diagnostics

Prevention medicine, such as routine check-ups, flea, tick and heartworm medications, and regular diagnostics help keep your dog healthy. Diagnostics screens for diseases that can develop quietly, such as diabetes, kidney disease, and heartworm. Senior panel diagnostics are especially important to screen for diseases common in our older canine friends. 

At Short Pump Animal Hospital, we screen for illness using the latest diagnostics tools. Call us for an appointment today! (804) 360-0100.

Do you track your dog's health, habits and symptoms in a journal or app? Let us know below.

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